Vote for your park, an exercise of direct democracy

The city of London has recently launched a very interesting initiative. They invite citizens to vote to decide where to allocate ten grants of up to £ 400,000 each for the most needy parks.

In order to make it easier for participants, authorities have divided the forty seven deserving parks into five London sub-regions. For each of those sub-regions, the two parks that get the most votes will be the winners.

Voting ends on January 30th, and londoners have three main ways for voting: through an online form on the web, by post, or by mobile phone. In this case, the user must enter the word ‘parks’ and her full London post code. That will automatically trigger a vote for the nearest park to that post code on the shortlist.

This type of issues certainly belong to the participatory budgeting domain. And this is a good avenue to move forward the concept of a more direct democracy in the years to come.

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