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Google speech-to-text technology to track political videos

igoogleThe Google Elections Video Search gadget is the last tool designed by the Mountain View giant to follow the US election year.

Through this new feature, anyone can now browse and search hundreds of political videos and find out what a candidates said about any specific topic of interest.

The interface is very simple and allows the user to enter a set of keywords, a phrase or simply the topic she is looking for. After clicking the Search Videos button, the different pieces available -where this or that politician speaks … Continue Reading

People Finder, a new tool for networking

The International Centre of Excellence for local eDemocracy, ICELE, a top international institution in the field of eDemocracy, has recently launched People Finder, a new tool to ‘help network all the digital democracy, participation and empowerment practitioners from across the world’.

Practitioners who are interested in adding their profiles to the database are invited to do so. It is also possible to search the People Finder, either by the area of Expertise, by Country, or by Keyword.

Areas of Expertise include, eGovernment, eDemocracy, Digital Divide, Citizen Empowerment, Elected representation or Participatory Technologies, among others. It is also possible to search for … Continue Reading