Personal Democracy Forum 2008

Internet and technology are changing politics and the Personal Democracy Forum 2008 addresses this matter broadly.

This year, the gathering will take place at the Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York City, and will treat two main topics. During the first day the discussion will focus on how technology is changing the electoral process. In the second day, the goal will be to analyze how government uses technology to serve or connect with the public.

Leaders and referents from different fields like journalism, technology, business, blogging or activism are expected, including Vint Cerf, Lawrence Lessig, Michael Arrington or Arianna Huffington among several other celebrities.

Some of the specific topics to be covered are: ‘The top political technology applications of 2008′; ‘How “Wiki Government” can work’; ‘Social technology and how the internet can save the planet’; or ‘Design principles for online democracy: Connecting government and constituents in the internet age’.

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