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Towards e-Government 2.0

This is a column written by Nicolas Perrotta Bengolea, co-founder of eGovBlog, for the International Journal of Electronic Governance (IJEG) in 2007.

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YouTube and RTVE link Spanish candidates with voters

youtube logoIt is now time for the Spanish politicians to join the YouTube revolution.Together with the Radio y Television Española (RTVE), they have launched an interesting initiative called Elecciones Generales ’08.

Voters are invited to interview the politicians. Until February 28th people can upload videos with their questions. Politicians will then answer them through RTVE and YouTube. Viewers also have the chance to vote for other people videos.

UN e-Government Survey 2008

united nations logoToday we present this survey, sponsored by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations.

We will post additional detailed reviews of this work in the weeks ahead.

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Excellence in eGovernment Award 2008, in Australia

egovernment awardThis is an award which was first introduced in 2006 by the Australian Government to ‘promote excellence in the use of ICT in Australia at all levels of government’.

The Award recognises those e-government inititaives that have been implemented during the previous two years with an oustanding result.

The criteria to decide which initiatives deserve the honour to be selected is based on the ‘positive impact they have had on the lives of citizens, the community, and business, while improving government administration and service delivery.

Nominations close on March 30th, 2008 … Continue Reading

The eGovernment Ambassadors Alliance will be launched on February 12th in Slovenia

The goal of the initiative is to link the results of European Research with those needs of the national public authorities.

The idea behind this endeavour is that the pace of European change in lifestyles, technologies or personal choice needs to be matched by supporting systems in terms of security, trust and efficiency.

The main focus will lie on those public agencies like Ministries, specially tasked with the security and wellbeing of their citizens living or travelling in other countries.

The Alliance plans to create the basis for a future Alliance for eGovernment, Learning and Leadership spanning the Slovenian, French … Continue Reading

Alliance with the Users eGovernment Conference

Organised by the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration, the purpose of the conference is “to present current European activities in eGovernment field, to foster the network of experts from eGovernment and to investigate the way forward in eGovernment”.

The gathering, that will take place on February 11th in Slovenia, highlights this aspect of the “Alliance with the users”, as a way to symbolize that citizens and Government are not anymore in two different sides, but working together on the same side.

The conference is intended ‘for policy makers and high-level IT experts from public administration institutions, universities and industry, who … Continue Reading

eGovBlog launched its own group at Facebook

egovblog logoWe have recently launched the eGovBlog group at Facebook. The idea is to start opening new ways for interaction and dialogue.

You are all welcome and invited to visit the group, join, participate, and invite other people to do so if you wish.

See you there!

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Quote from Rupert Murdoch

“Technology is shifting power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s the people who are taking control”. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corporation, on Wired magazine. June 2006.

Very interesting, specially when you realize that Rupert Murdoch is himself a major -if not the biggest- media baron.

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YouBama, looking for Obama voters

youbama logoToday is Super Tuesday in the United States, and all the efforts appear to be valid to call the attention of citizens, try to create momentum and bring votes to candidates.

YouBama is one of these initiatives; it is a new Internet destination where you can find different videos from citizens supporting Barack Obama. Viewers can add their own videos and vote on others.

The website does not have links with the official Obama campaign.