Social Networks are good news for e-Dem and e-Gov development

facebook logoSocial networks have emerged as the ultimate revolution of the so called Web 2.0. Facebook, My Space, Bebo, Wamba, Hi5 and many others, all appear to be going after the ‘king of networks’ prize, yet to be delivered.

Even when is not clear which of these models –if any- will prevail, at least we can already read a couple of worthwhile conclusions: the first is that Internet is quickly moving towards becoming a truly collaborative and interactive space; the second is that this trend has pushed lots of techies to start building new applications and tools in this direction at the speed of light.

And this is certainly good news for e-Democracy and e-Government. At the very least, it means more openness, lower barriers for participation, new ways for gathering people and opinions from across the planet, better tools to articulate debates and discourses, and more.

We have to see the evolution of this process of course; but the opportunities ahead are immense. We will keep an eye, or both, on it.