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Making a Difference Online, international awards at ICELE

ICELE, the International Centre of Excellence for Local e-Democracy, has just announced the ‘Making a Difference’ International Awards, to distinguish both politicians and organizations who have made tangible difference by engaging online.

The prestigious awards, that will be presented at the International Symposium Empowering Citizens through Technology and Participation in February 2008, will be given in three categories: Organizational eParticipation, ePolitician, and Ministerial Award, improving lives locally.

Check this link for more details.

Social Networks are good news for e-Dem and e-Gov development

facebook logoSocial networks have emerged as the ultimate revolution of the so called Web 2.0. Facebook, My Space, Bebo, Wamba, Hi5 and many others, all appear to be going after the ‘king of networks’ prize, yet to be delivered.

Even when is not clear which of these models –if any- will prevail, at least we can already read a couple of worthwhile conclusions: the first is that Internet is quickly moving towards becoming a truly collaborative and interactive space; the second is that this trend has pushed lots of … Continue Reading

Estonia moves to Second Life

We learn from different press sources that Estonia, the tiny but extremely tech savvy north European country, has just launched a virtual embassy at Second Life. The virtual embassy is said to have a conference room, an exhibition room, a reception hall and a technology room, where Estonia as an e-nation is introduced.

Estonia, a former Soviet Republic with just 1,3 million people, is known for its leadership in implementing a real national digital strategy. Many intiatives in this field have taken place in the last few years, with … Continue Reading