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Governing the Internet

We often present on eGovBlog topics and perspectives that have to do with the way ICTs and specially the Internet help shape the future of governments.

In this case we bring to the discussion an interesting paper about the Internet Governance.

According to the definition of Internet Governance elaborated by the UN Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) in its 2005 report, “Internet governance is the development and application by Governments, the private sector and civil society, in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programmes that shape the … Continue Reading

E-readiness rankings, by the Economist Intelligence Unit

It is always enriching to review the e-readiness report, a white paper published by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

E-readiness is the state of play of a country’s information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and the ability of its consumers, businesses and governments to use ICT to their benefit.

There is a specific chapter at the ‘2007 e-readiness rankings‘ report, titled “Government policy and vision: The virtue of commitment”.

Full document can be reviewed here.

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EC eParticipation call for proposals

The European Commission aims to promote eParticipation initiatives in the field of eGovernment. This call covers two types of actions: ‘citizen driven’ and ‘decision-maker driven’ trial initiatives, and support action projects.

Deadline for submissions is September 13th and the indicative contribution to a trial project may range between 600,000 and 800,000 euros.

For additional information, please check this document.

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Online Games to learn about citizenship and democracy

The Demgames project was developed as part of the Local e-Democracy National Project. The idea is to explore how digital technlogy can be used to engage people in democratic processes. Young people are the key objetive of the project.

Three games are part of the initiative: ‘Captain Campaign’, that allows participants to organise a campaign and choose your own strategies to beat the opponents; ‘Councillor Quest ll’ tries to give an introduction to the work of local councils and councillors. ‘Money Manager’ is the third one.

The website also offers complete guides to help teachers or … Continue Reading

Working Paper from the World Bank Institute

oecdBuilding open government represents a challenge for all countries. And it is important to collect and exchange those experiences on how to put the basic principles of good governance into practice. Transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, ethical behaviour and accountability are principles that need to be highlighted if better public governance is to benefit citizens.

The piece, titled ‘Beyond Public Scrutiny: Stocktaking of Social Accountability in OECD countries‘ contributes to the global exchange of policy relevant knowledge by producing 40 templates detailing … Continue Reading

Congressional Management Foundation, towards a more efficient Congress

cmf logoThe goal of this organisation is to promote a more efficient Congress in the US. It works with Member offices, committees and other institutional offiCes both in the House and Senate to foster better management practices.

During the last decade they have also been conducting research on the use of IT in modern congressional office. Some of the initiatives CMF develops include the Congressional Online Newsletter, which covers relevant Internet trends and practices and the CMF Mouse Awards, that are given to the best congressional … Continue Reading