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Interview with Mr. Ravi Gupta about eINDIA2007

Ravi GuptaeGovBlog presents today an interview with Mr. Ravi Gupta, Director, Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS), organiser of eINDIA2007 Conference. Mr.Gupta, who is also the Chief Editor of 4 monthly magazines -viz., i4d, Digital Learning, egov and eHealth- related to ICT and its contribution to various sectors of society, kindly shares with us his insights about this major event that will take place in New Delhi, 31 July – 03 August 2007.

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Guidelines for the CNN-YouTube Debates

youtubeIf you want to participate in this event and send your question, below you have a summary of guidelines provided by YouTube:

Be personal.
Keep it quick.
Provide context.
Be original.
Choose your focus.
Make it look good.

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eGovBlog, network partner at ‘eIndia 2007′

eindia 2007We are very happy and honoured to participate as a network partner of eIndia 2007, India’s Premier ICT4D event.

The gathering will take place in New Delhi from 31 July to 3 August 2007. Key speakers include
Michael Clarke, Director ICT4D IDRC, Canada; Dato’Halim Man, Secretary General, Ministry o Energy, Water & Communications, Malaysia; and Maxine Olson Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in India, UNDP.

Thank you very again much for this invitation. And good luck!.

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The CNN-YouTube Debates are finally arriving

We are following this event with great interest. CNN and YouTube, the two powerhouses join forces to bring the US primary debates to the people. For the first time, questions asked in both Democratic and Republican primary debates will come from YouTube audience.

The Democrats South Carolina Debate will take place on Monday July 23th. In this short video, Anderson Cooper from CNN and Steve Grove from YouTube, explain what is all about.

Congratulations guys !.

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Something more from EUTube: 50 years of EU in the World

An eight minutes video reviews the past 50 years of the European Union. It is interesting to see how a tool like YouTube can also play a very didactic role, this time teaching about the history of the European Union.

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€ 300 billion per year in savings

According to an article on Synergy, published by the European Commission, 100% take up of electronic invoicing and electronic public procurement will save € 300 billion every year on its own.

This is part of the eGovernment Action Plan under the Commission’s ‘i2010 Initiatives for jobs and growth’, also known as ‘European Information Society 2010’.

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Everyone can save the planet

This is a short video within the EUTube channel. The piece addresses climate change as a global problem, and shows with a very simple approach that each one of us has the power to make a difference.

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Everybody is in YouTube, even the European Commission

youtube logoThe European Commission has launched its own YouTube channel, called EUTube. The space is aimed at promoting EU activities and already includes around 50 videos uploaded in just a couple of weeks.

Comments from viewers are welcomed. We will feature some of them in the coming days.

EUTube is available in english, french and deutsch.

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A report raises concerns on the future of e-Voting in the UK

Trust and confidence in the electoral system are two important concerns for the May 2007 Election Report that was recently released by The Open Rights Group (ORG).

ORG points to some problems that according to them were observed at the English and Scottish elections in May 2007, and that raise serious doubts regarding the suitability of e-voting and e-counting technologies for statutory elections.

After their work, they conclude that given the problems observed and the questions remaining unanswered, ORG cannot express confidence in the results declared in areas observed. ORG remains opposed to the introduction of e-voting and e-counting in … Continue Reading

Open Rights Group (ORG)

open rights groupWe learned about this organization, self-defined as a non-profit advocacy group, campaigning for the digital civil rights of British citizens.

They hold regular events, run campaigns, provide information to the press and lobby Parliament. ORG has recently released an
e-Voting report on the English and Scottish 2007 elections.

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