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ShareIdeas.org, mobile knowledge for social change

shareideasThis is a wiki community that encourages people to share their experiences in using mobile technology to contribute to the lives of others. Users can contibute their stories or edit those written by others.

The idea of ShareIdeas.org came from Ndidi Nwuenli, founder and CEO of LEAP Africa, a Nigerian NGO dedicated to nurturing a new generation of African leaders.

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Ringtones for the US presidential campaign

ringtones 08This is not the first time we write about web 2.0 and the US presidential campaign. In this case, to show a free website called Ringtones 08 that lets people upload and download ringtones about the 2008 election.

Take a look and and take your conclusions.

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The Clintons and The Sopranos

This is the funny video with Bill and Hillary Clinton recently posted in YouTube.

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The CNN-YouTube Debates

youtube logoCNN and YouTube, two heavyweights in the media and digital arena, will join forces to host presidential debates. Democratic and Republican candidates will answer questions submitted via YouTube videos by ordinary citizens.

The first debate is expected to feature the Democratic candidates on July 23 in Charleston, South Carolina. Public can submit their questions between June 14 and July 22, and the CNN political team will then choose the most creative and compelling videos.

If you send a question, and your video is chosen, you … Continue Reading

CRM means ‘Constituent Relationship Management’

CRM Politics is an interesting paper written by Paul Greenberg.’

A customer IS a constituent and the behaviors that the customer expects are precisely the same behaviors as your constituents expect’, states the author.

You can read it complete piece here, at IPDI. You can also check Paul Greenberg’s website.

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Make your donation. The prize? A dinner with Barak Obama

There is no doubt that the so called web 2.0 is changing the digital landscape very fast in every discipline that you look at to.

Political campaigns of course, are not the exception. And both online strategists and candidates are constantly experimenting with new formulas to reach their voters.

In this new YouTube video the US Democratic Presidential candidate Barak Obama tries to bridge the traditional fundraising machinery and invites four people who make a donation to his campaign to have dinner with him.

Surrounded by a very casual background Mr.Obama speaks directly to the people and encourages them to participate…. Continue Reading

YouTube’s Chad Hurley, about the Open Internet

In this video, the Co-Founder of YouTube talks about the importance of an Open Internet and the positive implications for society.

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The Open Internet Coalition

The Open Internet Coalition represents consumers, grassroots organizations, and businesses working in pursuit of a shared goal: keeping the Internet fast, open and accessible to all Americans.

The Coalition urges US Congress to immediately adopt a national broadband policy to provide universal, affordable access to high-speed Internet connections for all Americans.

Open access is a basic principle of the Internet they say. Giving consumers greater choice at the lowest possible cost; ensuring that the Internet’s economic engine keeps moving ahead; protecting innovators and small business; and advancing the founding principles of the Internet, are objectives … Continue Reading

World Bank Event: National e-Government Strategies: Designing for Success

worldbank logoThe only thing that apparently matters when developing an e-Government strategy, is the identification of key components and best practices of e-Government, leaving aside the process of designing e-Government strategies. The goal of this Global Dialogue is to discuss the processes behind the design of e-Government strategies.

So the speakers are expected to address this issue, by focusing on questions like these: What constitutes successful e-Government strategies?; What are the key ingredients?; How should governments go about designing e-Government strategies?; or Why might be the process … Continue Reading

Strategic e-Government Leadership Program, at Carleton University

Carleton University LogoThis Certificate is designed to prepare senior government officials and professionals to become engaged in strategic governance initiatives.

e-Government implies exploiting Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to build capacity of the public sector to deliver and sustain good governance, according to Carleton. The executives need to build awareness of ICT potentials, create organizational readiness, and become involved in preparing and implementing e-government plans for high value projects.

The Program is not a technology training one, but a program to enable participants … Continue Reading