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ICEGOV2007: Call for Papers

The Program Committee of the ICEGOV 2007 invites unpublished, original contributions describing ongoing or completed work, originating from Academia, the Industry and the Government.

The International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2007) will take place in Macao during 10-13 December 2007. The gathering is expected to bring together practitioners, developers and researchers from government, industry and academia to share the latest findings in the theory and practice of Electronic Governance.

This Call for Papers particularly welcomes cross-sector papers that aim to establish connections between research, solutions and practice of Electronic Governance.

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Ranking of friends at MySpace: The Republicans Top Five

myspace republican top fiveWhile Barak Obama is the Democratic champion at MySpace, John McCain is number one among Republicans. With more than 33,000 virtual friends he is at the top, comfortably beating Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, each of them with around 21,000 friends, Senator Sam Brownback with 7,700 and Duncan Hunter with only 5,000 digital buddies.

These statistics are dynamic and might change in the future. For the moment, you can review the charts here…. Continue Reading

Ranking of friends at MySpace: The Democrats Top Five

myspaceAccording to some statistics compiled and regularly updated by Techpresident.com, Barak Obama is the US Democratic presidential candidate with the largest network of friends -or virtual friends – at MySpace. By May 27 he had almost 85,000 friends. He is closely followed by Hillary Clinton, with more than 78,000. The top five also include John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson.

You can see the charts here.

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National e-Government Portals Dialogue

e-development worldbank

The e-Development Thematic Group of the World Bank, invites to this new event focused on discussing the role and potential of governments portals as relevant tools for public administrations to achieve their objectives.

e-Governments portals have great potential to become drivers for admimisntrative reform and anti-corruption which will enable more client-oriented, transparent, accountable, effective, and empowering governments.

The event, scheduled for Wednesday May 30 in Washington DC, will focus on the best practices and lessons from some of the world’s leading portals, and … Continue Reading

Meeting on ICT and Parliaments in Geneva

ict logoToday we present a new meeting that will be held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, on 24 May 2007.

Called “Parliaments in the Information Age: mobilizing stakeholders around concrete initiatives“, the purpose of the gathering is to bring together stakeholders undertaking activities in this area to exchange experiences, create synergies and facilitate collaboration.

One aspect to highlight is that special attention will be placed on the preparation of a Global Report on ICT in Parliament and a World e-Parliament Conference.

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eRwanda, or efficient government services to citizens

As services increasingly become a priority for governments across the world, eRwanda was launched to give a comprehensive answer to that.

The project aims at using ICTs to simplify government procedures, bringing transparency, accountability, and allowing greater public access to information. Providing services online in an efficient and cost-effective manner is also a goal to be tackled.

The initiative identified five components as priortities for eRwanda: ‘Strengthening Government Effectiveness’; ‘Service delivery improvement for citizens and the private sector’;'Telecom Issues’; ‘Private Sector Development’; and ‘Institutional Arrangements’.

You can browse their website here.

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A guide to evaluating public participation

If you believe public participation has become a key element for public policy-making, and if you are a decision-maker at any level of government, there is now a new tool that can help you accomplish your goals.

Written by Diane Warburtun, Richard Wilson and Elspeth Rainbow, the guide to evaluating public participation is intended to help those involved in planning, organising or funding these activities to understand the different factors involved in creating effective public participation.

The idea is to help planners set and measure attainable objectives, evaluate impact, and identify lessons for future practice.

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Bill Richardson and his job interview in YouTube

This is a very funny video that was recently added to the Bill Richardson YouTube Channel.

It is a one minute piece that begins with a prospective employer making a statement about the impressive resumè of Mr. Richardson, and ends with the following question: what makes you think you can be president?

You can watch the video here!

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Bill Gates wants to make education in the US a top priority

ed in 08 logoThrough the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s richest man is pushing an initiative to ensure that United States engages in a rigorous debate and to make education a top priority in the 2008 presidential election.

The assumption is that schools and educational system in the US are not delivering what students need to become successful adults.

The goal of the Strong American Schools project is to generate a nationwide debate on education reform where all the presidential … Continue Reading

Personal Democracy Forum in New York

logoWith Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google as keynote speaker, leading technologists, bloggers, campaign organizers, activists and journalists will come together this week in New York for the Personal Democracy Forum, a high-level conversation about those new tools, sites and practices that are transforming elections and government.

Main issues to be discussed during the gathering include questions like: how are new technologies democratizing the political process?; what new technology tools and practices are on the horizon?; and how is voter-generated content changing election … Continue Reading