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Washingtonwatch.com tracks the bills in US Congress

washingtonwatch logoThis initiative has a very curious purpose; it looks to deliver the numbers behind proposed legislation in the US.

This is how it works: they first analize government predictions about costs or savings from proposed changes to government spending, taxation and regulation. Then they calculate the net present value of those initiatives and divide that figure by the total population of the United States.The resulting numbers convey the significance to average American of those proposed changes, in dollars and cents.

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‘The “e” in Government Projects: Basic Issues’, by Thomas Riley

Thomas RileyToday we present The Riley Report – April 2007. The report asseses the importance of e-governance in relation to achieving success in e-government applications. As new technologies bring increasing changes for governments around the world, this results in new challenges to governments whose citizens want access to government through an array of technologies, sound policies, privacy and security assurances, accessible services and other interactive programs between government agencies and the citizenry.

Thomas Riley, the author, is the Executive Director … Continue Reading

Interview with Salem Al-Shair, eServices Director at Dubai e-Government

Salem Al-ShairIt is a real honour for eGovBlog to present today the following exclusive interview with Mr. Salem Al-Shair, eServices Director at Dubai e-Government.

Salem Al-Shair is a key international personality in the field of eGovernment. In the year 2000 he was appointed Member of Dubai’s eGovernment Executive Team, chaired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with the goal of building an eStrategy for the Departments of Dubai Government. The Team delivered quickly on this critical mission, with Salem Al-Shair being appointed Director of eServices at … Continue Reading

The 2020 Vision, or a way to reshape the UK Labour Party

2020vision logoTwo former UK Cabinet Ministers, Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke, have launched The 2020 Vision initiative, as a vehicle for an open debate about the role of the Labour Party in the years or decades to come. It’s mission statement highlights that renewal requires an open and participatory debate, with Party supporters and the wider public taking part.

The 2020 Vision is certainly about the future as it looks the world a decade or more ahead.

Main tool of Vision 2020 is … Continue Reading

Citizentube, Youtube’s new political vlog

YouTube has just released a new space where everyone has the opportunity to be seen and heard.

The new channel, defined as a political video blog (vlog) is called Citizentube. It’s declared mission is to add fuel to the revolution that is YouTube politics. The scope of Citizentube is really open and diverse. So, if you have something to say or show, Citizentube might be the opportunity you are looking for.

Here you can watch a short welcome video.

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100 Mbps Internet connections at home

ftthcouncilThe Fiber-to-the-home Council (FTTH) is urging the US Government to adopt a National Policy Objective towards universal and affordable broadband networks.

According to their established goals, next-generation broadband networks should be available for a majority of Americans by 2010, and universal access by 2015. The big news is that in order for those consumers to be able to receive and transmit video and other high-speed services, these networks should have transmission speeds in excess of 100Mbps.

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Directgov mobile service in the UK

directgov logo ukDirectgov, the hub for public service information and online government services in the UK, has recently launched Directgov mobile.

Designed for 3G and newer handsets, Directgov mobile offers a wide variety of features, among them, ‘national train departure and arrival information’, ‘a local authority search’, ‘up-to-the minute travel alerts’,and ‘quick guides to legal help’.

Something very interesting is that Directgov does not charge to use any of these mobile services. To access Directgov, mobile users must enter www.direct.gov.uk/mobile into their phone’s internet browser…. Continue Reading

eThePeople.org, an online forum for democratic and deliberative discussion

With the assumption that the Internet would have a profound impact on political conversation, the initiative was launched in 1999 by Michael Weiksner and Scott Reents.

The platform is built in a way that allows members and participants to have maximum control over the topics and frames for discussion. It aims to be a citizen-driven town hall.

Some of the features offered by eThePeople include ‘Letters’ to elected officials, ‘Conversations’ that allow people to submit articles, ‘Polls’, and ‘Petitions’ that are then passed on to the exact web address; each petition can also receive signatures from other … Continue Reading

‘Virtual Town Hall’ with US Presidential candidates

moveon.org logoMoveOn.org hosted the first of a series of ‘virtual town hall meetings’ with the US presidential candidates. In this opportunity, seven contenders for the Democratic Party nomination were invited to give there opinions and answer questions about the war in Iraq.

MoveOn members were expected to gather in around more than 1,000 house parties across the country to listen to Sen.John Edwards, Sen.Joe Biden, Rep.Dennis Kucinich, Gov.Bill Richardson, Sen.Hillary Clinton, Sen.Chris Dodd and Sen. Barack Obama.

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Tony Blair welcomes you in YouTube

The British Prime Minister has just launched the new Labour Party’s You Tube channel.

According to his words, the objective of this new space is that citizens can get a proper idea of what the Labour Party is doing, what they’ve done and what they hope to do in the future. The goal is to create a direct communication between citizenship and the Party, and enable people get a first hand and fresh view of what is happening.

The clip has been viewed more than 10,000 times and received around 120 comments.

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