eRepresentative, or more effective legislative services

eRepresentative logoeRepresentative is a research and development project that investigates the potential impact of a “virtual elected representative’s desktop” to support the work of elected officials by making legislative services more effective and more tailored to meet their individual requirements.

The eRepresentative project started in February 2006 and will end in January 2008. It involves representatives, civil servants and other stakeholders in five European Parliaments and Assemblies.

Among other innovations, the virtual desktop will allow representatives to work away from Parliament with more robust security; provide the right information at the right time, applying ‘intelligent agent’ technologies in the Parliamentary environment; or stimulate inter-assembly collaboration by enabling them to share documents.

Partners of the initiative include, Napier University International Teledemocracy Center, Scytl Secure Electronic Voting S.A., Gov2U and the Dutch Parliament among others.

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